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Casper Construction, Inc. was founded in 1940 by Everett Casper who sold the company to his son, Curt Casper, and son-in-law, Gene Schultz in 1976. In 2001 Curt and Gene once again sold the company to their own sons - Lance Schultz who serves as the President and CEO, and Bill Casper who serves as Vice President.


Since 1940 when we began serving Northern Minnesota, we have been committed to providing outstanding customer service, maintaining ethical business practices, and building lasting relationships with employees, clients, and the public.

We recognize the value of our employees and their safety is and always has been our priority which is why we strive to integrate technological and safety advancements to provide our employees with the best tools and equipment that maximize safety and efficiency.


We believe that the diversity of our employees and the high standards of integrity that we hold  is what gives us the experience and expertise to manage any project that comes our way.


Casper History

Casper Construction, Inc. provides you with 84 years of excellence!

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